The Village is an independent production company with a passion to tell stories that challenge conventions, uncover deep truths, and open people’s minds. We are filmmakers, strategists, researchers, writers and visual artists working together to create thoughtful content for brands, businesses and organizations. Our distinct and vibrant experiences make us the ideal partner for clients interested in combining high caliber talent with a fresh perspective.





With our background in filmmaking, graphic design, storytelling and brand strategy we pride ourselves in creating content that is insightful, beautiful, revealing and mind-opening.





Human beings are complex, multi-dimensional creatures. At every angle they reveal a piece of themselves — something intimate, or surprising, or even contradictory. Our approach to research starts with the individual- discovering who they are, understanding their motivations, experiencing the world they live in. Only then can we tell their best stories and most provocative truths.  






The way we see it, every great brand has a great story. We help you unearth that story and tell it to the people that matter most. We offer an array of strategic services and package the outcome in the most creative and effective way. 





Coco Videla
Executive Creative Director & Producer


Coco has worn many hats: strategist, filmmaker, lover, explorer.  In her role as creative director and producer of The Village, she collaborates with brands, agencies and creative minds to develop and craft ideas and turn them into memorable content.

With over 14 years partnering with renowned brands, Coco has brought her energy and vitality to some of the most iconic names in the world such as Nikon, Virgin, Waldorf Astoria, Neiman Marcus, Cotton Council, Nestle, Colgate, Pampers, Olay and Revlon.

Before founding The Village, Coco was Head of Global Strategy in the fashion boutique agency AR New York, VP of Global Strategy at Y&R, and creator and editor of Scoop Magazine at Saatchi & Saatchi. Her work has been recognized across the industry, including winning awards from Cannes, Clios and Effies.


Rick Gershon
Director, Director of Photography


Rick Gershon is a filmmaker and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Most recently he served as the DP at MediaStorm where he made films spanning issues all around the globe. He previously served as a multimedia photojournalist and staff photographer at Getty Images, and is currently a featured photographer with Reportage by Getty Images. 

His work has been honored with an Emmy nomination for New Approaches to Documentary Storytelling, a Webby for Individual Documentary and several awards from NPPA and Pictures of the Year International. He was a part of an Edward R. Murrow award for electronic journalism while at MediaStorm; and the Dallas Morning News staff that won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

Clients include the Discovery Channel, History Channel, A&E, The Travel Channel, AOL.com, Starbucks, Nike, Mines Advisory Group, Neighborhood Centers Inc., Refugees United, AARP, and MSNBC.


Leandro Badalotti
Cinematographer, Editor



Leandro was born in Southern Brazil where he produced and edited two feature documentary films chosen by the Brazilian Culture Fund and premiered on public television. 

He moved to New York in 2010 where he produced a series of web videos at the legendary photo agency Magnum. At MediaStorm, Badalotti contributed as associate producer on several award winning projects, including Emmy nominee A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan. For The International Committee of the Red Cross, he shot and produced in Yemen the award winning short documentary, I Know Where I’m Going.

Leandro also edited and co-produced award winning feature documentary Thao's Library. The film premiered in AMC Theaters nationwide and is now available on Netflix.

Some of the clients he has worked with include Nestlé, Danone, Olive Garden, Food Network, Pillsbury and Walmart


Christian Ellermann


Christian has been obsessed with the Wicked Witch of The West his entire life. It is under her influence that he flew across the country on his broomstick to pursue his dreams of writing. After four years of running amok in nothing but a pair of fishnets and eight-inch heels – for the likes of Heidi Klum and CHER, mind you – he is settling down and finally getting around to the writing part. 

His exploits are sometimes chronicled on World Of Wonder Productions blog, The WOW Report. 

Krew Boylan


Krew has worked across continents as a freelance professional writer. She writes for the popular Children’s television series Postman Pat and Fifi and Bumble (ABC, BBC) as well as the touring stage performances of these shows in Australia and New Zealand.  She was the script consultant on King Of The Mountain by Sam Genocchio and a script advisor on The Project by Nico Lathourus in association with Kennedy Miller Productions. Her theatre credits include Stuck On Girls, The Hoods and The Bean Counters. Her content and editorial experience includes working for Saatchi & Saatchi where she wrote four short films all directed by Coco Videla and as contributor for the magazine Scoop. Krew is currently writing her debut feature film.

Kindra Meyer
Creative Director, Social Instigator


For the past 11 years, Kindra has created multi-dimensional experiences for people that want something a little different. An experiential marketing guru by day and glittering performance artist by night, she is a full-time human cartoon. With a specialty in creating conversation and excitement, she has a knack for orchestrating worlds that push the envelope of possibility. It is her philosophy of truth, humor, and invention that led her to work with brands from AMEX to William Grant & Sons. With Kindra it’s clear, big ideas lie in big hair.


Soyul Bia Kim
Art Director, Designer


Born in Canada, raised in her parents’ native Korea, now living in New York, Soyul Bia Kim is All American. Such diversity has shaped her keen eye trained in Western and Eastern aesthetics. For Soyul, the design is in the details, and she is obsessed with it in all its forms: in space and architecture, fashion, music, film screens, and street signs... Good thing she left her studies in math and economics behind : She has contributed on numerous artistic design projects – a few including Hack The System for Jefferson Hack (Nowness, AnOther Magazine), and cannabis-confectionary brand '1906'. She has also exhibited her work in multiple Korean galleries and is the leading designer at The Village.


Livia Cheibub
Producer, Production Coordinator


Lívia Cheibub is a director, producer and post-production coordinator based in Brooklyn, NY. Lívia has always approached the world with a storyteller’s curiosity. After earning a degree in journalism, she embarked on creating a career for herself that combines her life-long fascination with the eye of the camera, travel, and challenging humanistic stories.

She is best known for her documentary short film, My Island, and City Body, an interactive multimedia experience. Her work has been funded by FUNARTE (National Foundation for the Arts) of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and has been broadcast throughout the United States and Brazil.

Some of the clients Lívia has worked with include Amazon, Target, MTV, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Danone, HP, Oxygen, NuvoTV, KTM and NYPR (WNYC and WQXR).

Ruth Le Roux


Ruth was born in South Africa and has been addicted to travel from an early age. Her interest in culture and the people that keep the world turning steered her into a career in marketing. She worked as a strategic writer for the youth trend agency, Instant Grass and later became the African representative for consumer insights at Saatchi & Saatchi.

After co-founding South Africa’s first online music streaming portal, Boom.fm, Ruth acknowledged her addiction to establishing new systems for disruptive brands and moved to the Mecca of tech innovation, San Francisco, where she’s worked with startups like foodie brand Rip van Wafels.


Javi Salinas
Filmmaker, Photographer


Javi was born in Mendoza, Argentina and moved to New York at age 10. With the Andes Mountains as a foundation and the infinite possibilities of the Big Apple, Javi split time between North and South America and discovered his love for travel and filmmaking. Before and after graduating from Bard College, Javi was immersed in filmmaking in the New York post-production world, working on well-known feature films. As a second career in Journalism blossomed, Javi began work at the Associated Press and later Getty Images, where he used his filmmaking and editing experience to produce hundreds of news videos and mini-docs. He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, Asia and Europe.